Secure E-Mail Gateway (SEG)

Considering the frequency and importance of using e-mail in organizations and companies today, it should be ensured that the content and information sent and received by e-mail are appropriate, secure and controlled.

Clearswift Secure E-mail Gateway (SEG) scans e-mails for sensitive content and provides the flexibility and permission required by the sender, recipient, according to the policies your organization has set.

With the Adaptive Redaction feature, instead of stopping or blocking the content completely, it provides you with a secure way in accordance with the policies determined by your organization.

Incoming Threat Protection

Incoming Threat Protection SEG provides cloud-supported protection with Kaspersky and Sophos anti-virus integrations, providing you with the latest protection by updating every 15 minutes.

Spam Protection

SEG uses a redesigned anti-spam engine. Thanks to this multi-layered spam defense mechanism that uses ip reputation and greylist, it greatly reduces the number of spam that reaches the end user and the number of false positives. Outlook spam reporter provides more powerful spam protection with DMARC, SPF and DKIM support.

Adaptive Redaction

Clearswift's unique Adaptive Redaction feature allows message content and attachments to be edited based on security policies.

Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

It is of great importance to protect against data losses that result in financial losses or loss of business reputation. Secure Web Gateway (SWG) provides a proactively controlled web gateway solution that fully transforms the web environment from a high-risk environment to a secure resource that is exactly what your organization needs.

Gateway protects your network from viruses, inappropriate content, and malicious files, giving you control over accessed and shared information. It also allows you to set up web sites that are used for entertainment on the Web and make restrictions such as "daily time quota" for the time spent on those sites.

Preventing Data Leakage

Using the lexical analysis feature, SWG can detect and prevent data leaks, one of the major problems in modern companies.
Depending on the content, the use of Adaptive Redaction can automatically display sensitive information and, if necessary, automatically censor it. This allows censorship according to the policy you set while communication is in progress.

Deep Content Inspection

Deep content inspection reduces risks in social media communications to zero. Clearswift's advanced content inspection engine can understand the difference between harmless and potentially damaging tweets.

context-aware scan can detect and prevent users from uploading sensitive (prohibited, hidden) information and images.

Flexible Web 2.0 Policy Controls

Flexible Web 2.0 Policy Controls Clearswift has dedicated social networking policy routes for sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube, and preset policies for the most popular social media sites. This feature allows policies of different departments to be set and comes with pre-populated content rules policies can be defined according to the characteristics of the website; This means that your employees will be free to use social media to grow and advance your business. High-quality reporting and auditing capabilities let you learn how information is used on your network, how it protects incoming threats, prevent data leakage, and maintain productive use of corporate network resources.

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Data Loss has become one of the major concerns of today's organizations and companies. Loss of information, such as latest designs, customer details, or private employee information, can result in significant financial and reputational losses.

SEG can control depending on the content and source of messages to reduce accident-related data loss. Security policies can be applied individually or for groups.

E-mail Encryption

SEG offers options according to the needs of the organization, such as S / MIME, PGP or Web portal-based encryption, with the TLS standard as well as extra payment. Whichever you choose, SEG ensures that sensitive data is sent securely in seconds using the most appropriate format.

Incoming Threat Protection

SWG features integrate with anti-malware and antispyware protections, using multiple cloud-backed anti-virus support, and automatically update to provide the latest protection.
These technologies can be further enhanced by the MIMEsweeper content control engine, which prevents the download of suspicious commands and other high-risk content. Even more active content can be detected in documents and HTML and optionally-purified arındır.
* URL: Prevents or allows inappropriate searches to notify HR

* Documents: Prevents sensitive data from uploading via Web 2.0 sites or webmail.

* Web Page: Blocks pages that contain and curse.

* HTTP headers: Unregulate older browser versions.

Advanced URL Filtering

Clearswift URL database contains 84 categories and is updated daily. It covers millions of sites and represents billions of web pages. It also runs an additional database of malware and phishing categories and is updated hourly.

Time and Quota Policies

Advanced policies make it possible to define "a specific time" and "daily quota" so that users can "browse the selected categories of a particular site".

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