GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer

Your GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer feature helps you streamline your data transfers with your employees, sites, and business partners. It can be positioned on-site, in the cloud or hybrid and offers adjustable security that can be managed from a single point.

GoAnywhere MFT cuts your costs, protects your file transfers, and has multi-purpose features to help ensure compliance with data security policies and regulations.


  • Allows the identification of multi-step workflows using over 60 different tasks
  • Provides a comprehensive built-in timer for running workflows
  • Checks your folders with options to scan new, modified, or deleted files
  • Sends email alerts or processes files when triggered events occur
  • Includes custom commands and API support to initiate file transfers from remote systems and applications

Encryption and Compression

  • Provides FIPS 140-2 compatibility mode to meet NIST encryption standards
  • Encrypt, sign and decode files with Open PGP and GPG encryption standards
  • Automatically encrypts files in folders using AES-256 encryption.
  • Compress and decompress files using the ZIP with AES standard.
  • Includes integrated Key Management tools for Open PGP keys, SSH keys, and SSL / TLS certificates

Working Together

  • Intuitive browser-based web client for unplanned file transfers
  • Enterprise file synchronization and sharing with GoDrive
  • Secure Form component for creating custom forms that can be processed with automated workflows
  • Access to files from anywhere with the mobile app
  • Secure Mail component for sending files using email notifications with HTTPS download links

Incoming Links

  • SFTP server for secure file transfer over SSH
  • FTPS server for secure FTP over SSL / TLS
  • Standard FTP server with Explicit SSL support
  • AS2 server for receiving EDI and other documents over secure connections
  • HTTPS server for simple instant file transfer over a browser
  • To automate data transfers and workflows on remote systems


  • Connects to SFTP, FTP and SCP servers for secure communication
  • Automates file transfer with FTP servers
  • Remote system file transfers and workflows using MFT Agents
  • Exchange data with web servers using HTTP / S
  • Interact with Web Services using SOAP and REST
  • Enables limiting bandwidth usage and controlling file transfer rate
  • Sends AS2 messages that support multiple file attachments
  • Speeds file transfers using GoAnywhere's GoFast protocol
  • Sends SMS messages using popular SMS gateways
  • Interface with Antivirus and DLP solutions using ICAP
  • Sends and receives files via Email and Secure Email
  • Invoke custom programs and scripts as part of a comprehensive workflow
  • Connects to Websphere MQ, SonicMQ and ActiveMQ for enterprise messaging
  • Sends trap messages to SNMP servers
  • Provides access to files and folders on Amazon S3 Buckets and WebDAV servers
  • Provides access to files and folders on network shares using SMB / CIFS protocols
  • Ensures file transfer with connection retries and auto resume


  • SQL server connects to popular databases such as Oracle, MySQL, IBM i, DB2, PostgreSQL, Informix and sybase
  • Convert between 'Excel', 'XML', 'JSON', 'Delimited Text' and 'Flat File or Fixed Width File' file formats.
  • Creates data copies between database servers
  • Simplifies ETL operations with record filtering, column mapping, and value conversion capabilities

Security and User Controls

  • Comprehensive security checks to meet compliance requirements, including PCI DSS
  • Comprehensive user management system for business partners, customers and employee accounts
  • Separate GoAnywhere into logical security zones through workspaces
  • User authentication with Active Directory, LDAP, IBM i, and database
  • SAML support for SSO
  • Lock users to specific directories with detailed permissions
  • Define virtual folders with user-friendly aliases and permissions
  • Disk quotas to limit storage usage for each user and folder

Audit and Reporting

  • Browser-based interface for monitoring and management
  • Audit logs for all user actions and file transfers
  • Optionally sends records to an enterprise SYSLOG server
  • Detailed reporting to provide administrative and statistical details, graphs and charts


  • DMZ gateway to keep files on a private network without opening incoming ports
  • Daily and hourly bandwidth limitation to restrict network usage

GoAnywhere MFT

It is an economical, secure and controlled file transfer product that automates and secures file transfer using a centralized, enterprise-level approach.
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