Kryptos, a data security device, is a cyber security product that makes hardware data encryption. It can work in all environments (Windows, MAC, iOS, Android) thanks to Bluetooth technology.


  • Dimensions: 11 X 9 X 5 cm
  • Weight: 13 gr.
  • Encryption: 2048 Bit RSA / 256 Bit AES
  • Desktop Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS
  • Smart Devices: Android & IOS
  • File Types: All Files and Folders
  • Input Unit: USB & Bluetooth

Corporate KRYPTOS

Kryptos is the easiest to use, safest and most economical device. Kryptos, today's data storage devices, eliminates the risk of being seized by others in rapidly developing cloud computing technology, in any environment where data can be stored.


  • You can ensure that your company's information and documents work on the network system and not work outside the organization.
  • Identification and level of authority for employees.
  • Key Management
  • Grouping and Group Management