It provides the most advanced and powerful defense against malware.

Malware Detection

Advanced Features

  • Integrate with existing security systems via API to optimize IR workflows and reduce exposure gaps
  • Estimated per budget, not per device license or device or bandwidth
  • Capturing avoidance hazards that others have missed by using the full system emulation sandbox
  • Review web, email, files, and mobile apps
  • Support for Windows, Android and Mac OSX Operating Systems
  • Install the software on standard server hardware or virtual instances
  • Analyze suspicious traffic and objects in real time


Even the next generation firewalls, IPS, and the first generation of sandbox-based security devices, an organization's most advanced defense, are not suitable for the sophisticated and inevitable attacks that are being implemented today.

Lastline's unique approach to infringement detection is the culmination of more than a decade of R & D focused on advanced and evasive conflict weapons and tactics. The result is a software-based platform designed to seamlessly integrate and detect intrusion detection features into your existing security portfolio.

Cover your entire company

Cover your entire companyLastline extensively detects advanced and escaping threats for your operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X and Android), physical and virtual hosts, services, users, network infrastructure, and Web, email, files, and mobile applications. Lastline's flexible software-based platform allows organizations to scale predictable breaches of defenses from a single location to any number of remote, branch, and mobile offices. Licensing is done by the user, not by location, device, or bandwidth.

Detecting Hazards to Avoid Others

Lastline detects unknown threats specifically designed to evade first-generation sandbox tools. Compared to competing approaches, Lastline's full system emulation sandbox provides the deepest visibility into unknown malware behavior, and avoiding malware is the hardest to avoid. The result is the successful detection of malicious attacks that others have not seen.

Responding to Advanced Attacks

Infringement analysis results are presented using an event-centric approach, in which evidence relating to virtual space analysis, network monitoring and anomaly detection is linked to provide feasible analysis of ongoing events. Leakage malware and compromise indicators (IOC) related to command and control traffic are prioritized to reduce noise and save time for responders.