About "Lastline Detenator"

Lastline Detenator seamlessly integrates Lastline's unique malware analysis and protection capabilities into your existing security products. Lastline offers years of knowledge from internationally recognized experts to your security team so that advanced malware can be easily found.

Unique Malware Detection

Third Party Products automatically send unknown files to Lastline for analysis, such as Anti-Viruses, Firewalls, Web Gateways, and Intrusion Prevention products. Deep Content Inspection evaluates these files for malware and sends them to third-party tools to update advanced malware analysis and detection capabilities.

Flexible Cloud or On-Site Installation

You can position Lastline Detanator in-house or in the cloud. If your organization is subject to strict confidentiality rules, you can host Lastline Detanator in-house and in your data-center. Instead of this model, you can also position Lastline in the Cloud by using a hosted deployment model.

Make your existing tools and processes more effective

Lastline Detenator improves your existing security technologies by detecting advanced malwares, otherwise they are already abusive pests.
Deep Content Inspectation integrates our results with your security management tools, giving you an enterprise-wide response to self-concealed malwares.

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